Anthony O’Brien, March 8, 2016

Seriously without Arboretum Press’s services I would have failed as a writer. Good plot awful grammar. They took me by the hand, and literally taught me how to write correctly. Truly a great mentor. I would highly recommend using any services  provided. I certainly will be in the future.

Vanya Ferreira   March 5, 2016

As an indie writer that has just started self-publishing, Arboretum Press’s editorial skills were invaluable. She was concise, thorough and did it in a very smart way. Her technique of using a 3 part “ledger” to explain why certain things had to be edited was crucial to me as a writer and definitely a learning curve as to what not to do. I never realized how many mistakes I had made until she showed me. Thanks!


theryanlanz  November 28, 2015

An excellent job critiquing my most recent book. The detail she gave it was highly valuable, and it bumped up the quality of the overall project. She caught things that not only did I miss, but 15 other beta readers also missed as well. If you are someone who is considering her services, I’m sure your project will benefit from her work.


Author: marianlthorpe

Indie writer: young-adult adventure, short stories, verse, and observations of the natural world; editor, reviewer, part-time student of archaeology, artist, birder, walker, cook. Empire's Daughter, Book 1 of the Empire's Legacy series, is available as an e-book from Amazon. The paperback edition, published by Arboretum Press, will be available in August 2016.

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