Empire’s Legacy: The Complete Trilogy

by Marian L Thorpe

Empire’s Daughter      Empire’s Hostage      Empire’s Exile
Empires Legacy ebook
Empire’s Legacy: The Complete Trilogy



In a world reminiscent of northern Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, this historical fantasy series explores the meaning of loyalty and love in a rapidly changing society. Following the protagonist, Lena, over a period of four years, from the day a soldier rides into her small village with an audacious request – that women learn to fight – to a last, desperate battle to save her land, Empire’s Legacy considers the impact of war and violence on men and women, and the price we pay for freedom.

“…Empire’s Legacy is an example of historical fantasy at its very best…I cannot praise this series enough. It is absolutely dazzling.”
Mary Anne Yarde, author of the DuLac Chronicles
 “…a literary fantasy novel with masterful worldbuilding…Empire’s Legacy is a fantasy series for people who don’t normally read fantasy…”
Bjorn Larssen, author of Storytellers

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