Oraiáphon & Empire’s Reckoning, by Marian L Thorpe

This duology follows directly on from the last chapter of Empire’s Exile, but now the tale is told from the point of view of Sorley, the young musician. The war is over, but peace has a price, personal and political. In the uncertain days and months following the last battle, Sorley’s love for Cillian is tested to its limit. What is he prepared to give to stay with the man he loves?

Oraiáphon:  A Novella of the Empire

‘a world where a reader can lose themselves… time no longer seems to matter. All that matters is the story. All that matters are these characters. Thorpe tells this story with an impressive sweep and brilliance, which makes Oraiáphon next to impossible to put down.’-Coffee Pot Book Club

‘…so vividly written that it carries the reader along, on the one hand to discover what is going to happen, but also to revel in the brilliantly written characters.’  – Northern Reader Review

Empire’s Reckoning: Book I of Empire’s Reprise

‘The world building of fantasy, the joy and broad possibility of historical, and the emotion of contemporary.’ Radzy Writes

‘An outstanding work of art from an outstanding wordsmith.’  Bjorn Larssen

‘You would almost believe this was a true story… written wonderfully.’ Jessica Belmont

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