Arboretum Press is a publishing collective based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Sadly, all our book launches are on hold due to COVID-19. The pandemic restrictions are also affecting our ability to print paperbacks. More details on virtual book launches for our authors with new books this year:   Lauren Stein, Silvia Hildebrandt, and B.D. Rennie  can be found on individual pages – and are updated often as our plans evolve!

We are currently not accepting submissions,  as our in-production list is full.

Current Releases

A Gap in the Fence, by Kate Anderson-Bernier

Evidence of Uncertain Origin, by Nikki Everts 

Career cover rendered   Fun at Work, by Lauren Stein

   Empire’s Legacy trilogy, 

by Marian L Thorpe



OraiĆ”phon & Empire’s Reckoning

Books Upcoming in 2020

All covers for existing and upcoming fiction releases are from BookCoverDesign.