Vanya Ferreira

As an indie writer that has just started self-publishing, Marian’s editorial skills were invaluable. She was concise, thorough and did it in a very smart way. Her technique of using a 3 part “ledger” to explain why certain things had to be edited was crucial to me as a writer and definitely a learning curve as to what not to do. I never realized how many mistakes I had made until she showed me. Thanks Marian!

Author: marianlthorpe

Indie writer: young-adult adventure, short stories, verse, and observations of the natural world; editor, reviewer, part-time student of archaeology, artist, birder, walker, cook. Empire's Daughter, Book 1 of the Empire's Legacy series, is available as an e-book from Amazon. The paperback edition, published by Arboretum Press, will be available in August 2016.